Our Federation has a Governing body with representatives from staff, parents and the community.
Full Governing body meetings are held three times per year and sub-committee meetings are held twice per term. Through regular link visits, Governors check and monitor various aspects of our school's provision  and discuss areas for improvement.
Governors work with the head teacher in the strategic development of the Federation of Nursery Schools to raise children's achievement and help improve provision. Duties include setting our nursery schools' visions, aims and objectives, approving budgets and ensuring the school provides good value for money. Governors support and challenge our head teachers to make each school as good as it can be. 
Our Chair of Governors is Darren Kidger who can be contacted via the school office.

'The governing body fulfils its duties well. Members of the governing body bring a broad range of expertise and provide strong support and challenge. They ask searching questions and check the progress and attainment of individual children and groups, fully understanding the school’s exemplary assessment systems and the high quality of teaching. They make excellent use of finances, for example, by pooling resources with the Family Centre to extend provision. They make sure spending decisions have a positive impact on children’s progress such as using funding to provide children with free school meals. They provide additional hours of support and decide whether teachers and staff should be rewarded with pay increases. Governors ensure that all safeguarding requirements are fully met.' Section 5: Ofsted Report 2013

'Governors know that a culture of continuous development is secure. They have a truly accurate picture of the nursery’s strengths and areas for improvement. The high-quality reports received from the headteacher and other leaders, plus robust data, and their own focused monitoring visits, mean that they know the nursery extremely well.' Short Inspection Report 2017