Nursery and Playgroup Staff 2021-2022

Head Teacher: Ms. S.A Humble
Assistant HT/SENCo: Mrs. J. Howson
Teachers: Mrs. M Conner and Mrs. Y.Bell
Business Manager/Administrator: Mrs. L. Grant  and Mrs. M. Innes
Keyworkers in Nursery: Mrs. S.Scott, Mrs. A. Giles (HLTA), Mrs. J. Carr, Miss. A. Shaftoe, Mrs. L. Monaghan, Miss. S. Matthews, Miss K. Brown, Mrs. A. Manuel, Mrs. S. Monaghan,
Childcare Manager: Mrs. S Terry 
Playgroup Leader and PG Keyworkers: Mrs. B. Campbell, Miss A. Hayes, Miss R. Wilson, Miss J. Rhodes, Miss S. Delaney, Mrs G. Carlisle
Family Centre OSC Staff: Mrs. S. Monaghan, Mrs. L. Monaghan
Cook: Mrs. J. Francis
Caretaker: Mr J.